Beneath The Bouquet

In an exciting intersection of classical and contemporary, we are thrilled to announce the release of the new album «Beneath the Bouquet». With an innovative approach that merges the grandeur of postmodern classical music with the vibrant energy of electronica, this album promises to take listeners on a unique and captivating sonic journey.

«Beneath the Bouquet» is a musical masterpiece that defies genre boundaries. With careful attention to harmony and melody, each track is a sensory experience that transports the listener to unexplored sonic landscapes. From the rich, deep chords of classical instruments to the pulsating electronic rhythms, every element intertwines skillfully to create an atmosphere that is both classical and futuristic.

From the moment you press play, «Beneath the Bouquet» immerses you in a world of emotions and sounds. Each track is a unique piece in a musical puzzle that comes together to form an unforgettable listening experience. Whether you’re a classical music enthusiast, an electronic aficionado, or simply a seeker of new musical experiences, this album has something for everyone.

Bad Taste SciFi

“Bad Taste SCI-FI” is a compilation of images made into music, it is full of sounds to let yourself go and let your mind fly, and it is an album that flows very naturally through areas such as blues punk, rock that likes the industrial, the electronics closer to rock and the more cinematic post-jazz experimentation. A collection of songs that match perfectly with the moment we are living in. Confusing times in which only through music will we be able to withstand the downpour that is coming upon us..